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Project Presentation


Project financed with the financial support of the Program RO10-CORAI, a program finaced by the Grants SEE 2009-2014 and administerd by the Romanian Fund for Social Development;

The project EDUCATION WITH RESPONSIBILITY AND DEVELOPMENT FOR ROMA CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS FROM HOMOROD, BRASOV COUNTY-EROD- according to contract 122/07.11.2014, financed under the local appeal  inside program ”RO10 Children and youth at risk and Local and Regional initiatives for reducing national inequalities and promoting social inclusion”.

 The activities of the project are concentrated on a target group formed from 60 roma children, 35 roma parents and 13 specialists from the fields of education. Social inclusion, culture and/or community development. The projects spans for 18 months.

 Total project value is 542,555 lei, eligible costs.

The value of the SEE Grant is maxim 461,171.75 lei.

Public co-financing included in the nonrefundable financing is maxim 81,383.25 lei


A) Facilitation of intellectual development, psycho-moral development for 60 roma children(age 7-15, in classes 1-8 ), from Homorod village, Brasov county, through involving them in integrated activities of formal and nonformal education, activities such as additional help for school, acquisition of complementary competences(TIC), self awareness and self development, forming of peer educators, knowledge development, etc

B) The rise on the degree on information regarding the education process for 35 parents(parents for the roma children that are beneficiaries of the project), through involving into circle of proactive parents, a circle where will take place a series of meetings and free speaking events about the impact of education for the future development of the children .

C) Facilitation of cooperation in the field of promoting multiethnic art, culture and traditional customs, through establishing a partnership with private and public institutions and specialists(from these institutions) coming from the area of education, social inclusion, culture and development.


  • Identifying and selecting the 95 beneficiaries(60 roma children age 6-15, 35 roma parents, 15 specialists from the fields of culture, education, social inclusion and community development from 5 public or private institutions that will become members of the partnership.
  • 2 types of intensive help activities(additional help for children) organized for the math subject and Romanian subject, for 20 children in the primary cycle and 40 children in the gymnasia cycle
  • One workshop where together with the beneficiary children will be created handicrafts and decorative objects. The activities are addressing all the 60 children beneficiaries and should enhance creativity by creating handicrafts and decorative objects.
  • A circle of roma art, traditions and dances. Activities created for 20 children(2 groups of 10 children), will involve 4 hours/week/group and aim in a better understanding of these children in roma traditions
  • A group for promoting the national heritage and the local history and traditional dances. The activities are addressed to 40 children beneficiaries (4 subgroups of 10 children), will take 2 hours/week/subgroup and aim to enhance knowledge and involvement of these kids in promoting historic and cultural heritage and learning traditional courses. The courses will be focused on enhancing complementary abilities of the 60 children that are beneficiaries in this project. Thereby will organize TIC courses for the 60 children(split into 6 groups of 10)
  • Partnership with schools from around Homorod village for organizing 4 activities of promoting cultural multiethnic values.
  • Togheter with 30 children we aim to organize nonformal activities in open air, field trips of 1 day( 1 trip/month within a range of 100 km) in order to rise the awareness of the children into the importance of environmental protection, responsible consumption of resources.

  • A series of competitions for children. These competitions (one in each year of implementation)will reach the following fields: environmental education, contest voluntary best idea, best mathematician contest literary, artistic creations contest, dance contest, contest handicrafts. These competitions will end with prizes for beneficiary children. 1-3 prizes will be awarded for a set of school supplies and a row of clothes (30 children/year will receive these prizes)
  • 2 nonformal education camps(one in each implementation year) for the winners of the contest(50 children and 5 attendants) the children are among the ones involved in the project activities but can also come from children that participated and won the competitions. Each camp will last for 6 days
  • personal development and information sessions for children and young people in areas such as competent sociocivice, gender equality, children's rights and human rights, interculturalism and multiculturalism, adventure and self-discovery games, children will be divided into three groups of 20 children
  • 35 parents who will attend a series of meetings with parents (1 meeting / month / group) will discuss the following issues: continuing education and retention of children; the importance of education for the future; maintaining advantages in education of children, multiculturalism and interculturalism, and modules will be organized to promote concepts of gender equality, environmental protection, social responsibility, promotion of education among parents, will hold four joint activities parents -children

Project promoter - Homorod villages

Project partners:

- Homorod School